Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Ringo Nordic strictly follows the following code of conduct (2023-01-02). Please view the signed document online.


Strong standards of business ethics and social responsibility are essential to achieving our strategic goals and ambitions. At RINGO NORDIC AB, we are committed to ensure the code of conduct is adapted of our employees, co-operation partners, visitors and anyone who may be affected by our business, both at our own office sites and any other sites at which we operate such as at our suppliers. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of business ethics, social responsibility and a safe and healthy environment. This policy is designed to help us towards realising that goal and ambition.


RINGO NORDIC AB has this code of conduct within all aspects within our business and this code of conduct is applicable in all of what we do in our daily businesses.

Code of Conduct Statement

– Prohibiting any form of forced labor or trafficking (referred to as Modern Slavery)
– Prohibiting the use of child labor
– Prohibition of businesses on companies or individual persons within sectioned list of United Nation, WTO or European Union Prohibition of discrimination, harassment and retaliation
– Requiring that workers are provided with a safe and healthy working environment
– Workers are engaged in compliance with applicable employment laws, wages, benefits and codes of practice including working hours
– Compliance to occupational health and safety legislation and requirements
– Permitting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining and trade union memberships – Prohibition of bribery and corruption activities
– Compliance of for our supply chain management
– Compliance to environmental legislation and requirementsCompliance to sustainable solutions as far as possible within our business
– Remediation, corrective and preventive action for non-compliance
– Performance and evaluation of compliance continuously.

Business Commitment

Ringo Nordic knows, understands social, ethical, environmental and sustainability and act in accordance with the values, principles and responsibilities expressed in this code of conduct and we apply them in everything we do, to whom we conduct business with and everywhere we operate in our business.


We are aware of our responsibility within our business towards our clients, customers,
partners, suppliers and end users. We take responsibility and hold each other accountable.
We have a shared responsibility not only to act ethically as individuals but to expect the same
from our colleagues.


We value our relationships within our business towards our clients, customers, partners,
suppliers and end users and we are committed to maintain the highest level of standards for
our personnel and professional integrity.

Business Partnership

We establish mutually beneficial and healthy relationships with responsible suppliers who
meet our values, principles and standards including quality, commercial terms and
commitment to function, performance and safety of our products as well as maintaining
environmental protection and sustainability.

Business Fairness

We must be open-minded and sensitive to any business activity, interest or relationships that
could interfere with our ability to maintain business and to act in the best interest towards
our clients and end-users.

Business Communication

We encourage our employees to be professional and transparent in all communications
towards our clients, customers, partners, suppliers and end-users. We carefully consider that
applicable and correct information is communicated.

Business Transparency

We are committed to promote and act on open and competitive markets for all our businesses.
We shall maintain transparency and be honest in all our business.

Business Competition and Anti-Corruption

We declare full compliance of anti-trust laws and regulations for open competition or any
kind of violation of competition conditions towards our clients, customers, partners,
suppliers and end-users.

Governance & Assurance

The Managing Director is fully responsible for implementation and enforcement of this code of conduct in our business with support from Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Manager. All employees of RINGO NORDIC AB must comply with this code of conduct.

Bo Eriksson
Managing Director, 2023-01-02


Following references in this code of conduct is referred to:

– Social responsibility [ref. ISO 26000:2021]
– ILO International Labor Organization
– UN United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
– WTO World Trade Organization